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About us

A bit about us…

Traditionally we know that ‘about us’ tells you about the company, but as we like to ‘think differently’ we feel that ‘us’ is more than just the company. Without our swimmers, there would be no ‘us’. We’re proud of what they’re working towards this year and so we have included a selection of those too.

Our Staff

We are experienced swimming teachers and coaches who love doing what we do! We are educated to at least degree level and as a result, we had the opportunity to pursue a different career path, but we have been fortunate enough to be able to choose the path that allowed us to follow our passion.

For your peace of mind as a minimum, we hold our Hong Kong Swimming Teachers' Association and The Hong Kong Life Saving Society qualification. We are either members of the Institute of Swimming, the Swimming Teacher Association. The sum of these qualifications is a measurable way of demonstrating to you our knowledge, high standards and commitment to swimming teaching and coaching.

We are also trained listeners, which helps us to tailor your sessions to your needs, whether that’s how to swim better or helping you overcome a swimming-worry. It helps us support you with getting the most from your sessions with us; we think learning is not just a one-way process.

It is not just teaching swimming that we love, we love swimming in our spare time; in fact, we feel there is nothing quite like it. We are experienced, competitive athletes. This means that we have invaluable personal swimming experience in addition to our formal qualifications, which helps you to have a more enriched swimming experience from your sessions with us.