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Children's swimming class


Early childhood is the most vigorous period of growth and development in a person's life. Using this golden time to carry out swimming activities will greatly help the physical and mental, intellectual development and responsiveness. 
This class uses small class teaching plus formal training to enable them to learn and cultivate interest from the happy process, laying a good foundation for future swimming development.

The teaching content is 
based on a gradual approach to teaching, so that children can be familiar with water and overcome the fear of water, so that they can master basic movements such as simple breathing and floating body, freestyle kicking and strokes, let them understand the whole freestyle movement as the basic beginning. Learn to recognize, listen, follow instructions, rules and share in the course. 
In order to meet the abilities and reduce resistance of young children of this age and level, each 60-minute course is designed.

Students who are 5 to 12 years old do not understand swimming children at all

The ratio of teachers to students is 1:3-8 (strictly standardizing the number of students per class, taking into account the safety of young students.) 
(This club also has self-organized/private professors, who can customize the teacher-student ratio. Details can be given to this club. Inquire)

Class location 
Hin Tin Swimming Pool

60 minutes per class during class time

Number of lessons 
even whithin the 8 week lessons

Tuition fee 
$180/ lesson

Remarks The 
participants were given a cap for swimming caps.

Admission at the expense

Registration method

 Online Registration

Fill in and submit by submitting (2 working days after submission will receive a special person or email reply)

Whatsapp or E-mail 
Whatsapp :52021340 
E-mail :  info@oceanv.net