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Adverse Weather Arrangement

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A decisive moment

Whether the swimming class will continue or not depends on the weather conditions two hours before class.

Examples of School Suspension

The Observatory issued a rainstorm warning signal at 3pm and whether the 7:30pm swimming class would be held.The operation of the scheme is not sure.The observatory issued a rainstorm warning at 5:30 p.m. Swimming at 7:30 p.m.Class cancelled.

Examples of Resumption of Classes

The Hong Kong Observatory lowered its rainstorm warning signal at 5pm, and the 7:30pm swimming class will open as usual.of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.The rainstorm warning signal was lowered at 6pm and the 7:30pm swimming class was still taken.to be eliminated.

Supplementary Course

ArrangementAll swimming classes cancelled due to weather conditions will be supplemented.If the class is not cancelled, the students will not be able to attend the class.If classes are suspended due to weather conditions and less than half the class time, additional classes will be offered.

If classes are suspended due to weather conditions and more than half of the classes are held, there will be no additional classes.

The date and time of the remedial lessons will be determined by the Association (depending on the venue schedule).No extension if trainees fail to attenddue/refundable.