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Private Class

This course combines private teaching with formal training to enable them to learn and develop interest from a happy process, laying the foundation for future swimming development.

The teaching content is 
private swimming, the date and time of the class can be customized (according to the coach's timetable), and the curriculum design is completely in line with your needs. In the case of single-on-one or up to three self-organizing classes, the coach will adjust the course content according to the students' ability and degree to achieve greater benefits. Participants can also choose swimming styles according to special requirements, so that the coach can develop training and teaching content for the students.

Participants are 
3 years of age or older, suitable for anyone of any degree

Teacher-student ratio 

Class location 
Dawei Hintian Swimming Pool

60 minutes per class during class time

Number of lessons 
even within the 8 week course

Tuition fee 

Remarks The 
participants were given a cap for swimming caps.

Admission at the expense

Registration method

 Online Registration

Fill in and submit by submitting (2 working days after submission will receive a special person or email reply)

Fill in Whatsapp or E-mail 
Whatsapp :52021340 
E-mail :  i nfo@oceanv.net